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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Exciting and Spontanious Day for Me!

So today was interesting. I finally filed our taxes. I'm glad thats out of the way! I also talked to my best friend and found out that i was going to miss his farewell... when i thought i was going to make it to it. I made a joke that if he could find me a flight home for under $400 i would fly out. I didnt think he would take it seriously but he did and ten minutes later he texted me and had found a flight for under $300. So of course i bought the ticket! So not only do i get to go to his farewell at the end of the month, i also get to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday! I'm so excited! i havent been home in almost 3 months, so i'm way happy to have the chance to go!

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  1. awesome! I know your mom will be so excited to have you home, and what a good friend to find you a way to fly home! It will be good to see you:)