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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Days Like Today....

So today was a beautiful day in Virginia Beach. Not a cloud in the sky, 65 degrees, slightly breezy... a perfect day to spend outdoors. So i did just that; the dogs and I went to the beach. Baylee loves the beach, she can dig all she wants and she loves all the attention she gets from the other beach goers; today she even got to experience something new, she got to meet a bathtub sized box turtle! Some lady was out walking her massive box turtle on the boardwalk. Definitely one of the strangest things I've ever seen. I'm just wondering how she got the turtle to the beach in the first place... either she's extremely strong and can lift the turtle into a vehicle or she had the longest, slowest walk down to the beach! Anyway; so after Baylee sniffed her new turtle friend for a while, we made our way down to the shoreline. We sat and watched the surfers, well actually me and Chiquita sat and watched them, Baylee was to busy digging a pit around me. We stayed down there for quite a while. It was nice to get out of the house and relax on the beach. It would have been more relaxing if i didn't have to dodge all of the flying sand from Baylee's vigorous digging. By the time we left i was sitting in a big bowl that Baylee was so kind to dig for me! It was definitely a very fun adventure to the beach. I think we'll have to take another jaunt down there later this week if the weather permits it. It's days like today that make me so glad that i married Steve. If i wouldn't have married him i wouldn't have Baylee, my car, the beach, or any of the adventures we've been on thus far in our marriage. I'm definitely glad i have him in my life.

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