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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A lonely day for me.

So I'm definitely new to this blogging thing. I decided that it will be nice for my family and friends to get to see what i do during the day since i only update my status on facebook. Everyone is always asking how I'm doing, and now they will know.
Today was the first day of my husbands two week training adventure; leaving me alone for that time. Luckily i have two wonderful dogs (Baylee & Chiquita) and my bird (Lori), to keep my company. After dropping my husband off at his command i came home and did a load of dishes (definitely not my favorite thing to do) and started my calendar project. I also worked on my first cross stitch project.
My goal this week is to finish this cross stitch!

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  1. love you're doing this kind of stuff :) It's what has kept me sane for years. Love the blog.